Alderson Lexus provides a selection of Featured Inventory, representing new and popular items at competitive prices. Please take a moment to investigate these current highlighted models, hand-picked from our ever-changing inventories!

New Lexus Inventory Models and Specials That Will Blow You Away

Everyone loves a new vehicle model. Buying opportunities are made even better when Alderson Lexus specials accompany new models. Those who enjoy power and prestige in their vehicles will find suitable Lexus models in various formats. From spacious and sleek SUVs to upscale and savvy sedans, Lexus focuses on meeting the needs of all their faithful clientele.

Known for their prestigious innovation and rich elements, Lexus vehicles are the buyers' pinnacle into the luxury auto market. Maintaining the perfect balance between luxury details and conventional utilization, Lexus vehicles can be used for both daily driving and impressive date night transportation. West Texas buyers have never seen a more versatile vehicle than those included in the most recent Lexus model lineup.

Available Lexus SUV Models

Some of the most popular Lexus vehicles among Lubbock consumers are their wide array of SUV offerings. Opting for space and utility in lieu of speed and agility, SUVs have made a big impact in the modern auto market.

Growing in popularity and taking the place of other multi-passenger travel options, such as minivans, SUVs fulfill a specific purpose in Odessa drivers' lives. When this functionality is combined with the Lexus brand's luxury and class, you have a nearly unsurpassable vehicle in popularity and individuality.

Lexus understands this class of Midland, TX consumers and does their best to continue innovating and designing SUVs that will stand out among the competition. Popular Lexus SUV models include:

  • GX: Buyers interested in the large Lexus GX not only gain access to excessive cargo space and passenger seating area, but they may also qualify for lower APR rates on financing and leasing options. This SUV features third-row seating
  • LX: As the largest and most spacious Lexus SUV option, the LX is enhanced with a V8 engine and is equipped with awe-inspiring full-time full-time 4WD functionality in Amarillo.
  • RX: A smaller SUV option, the RX boasts an appearance than is more like a crossover but still features third-row seating for passengers. It even offers seating for up to seven passengers, which buyers love.

Enhanced with brave design elements and innovative driving technology, Lexus SUVs are truly a work of art that any buyer would be considered lucky to own. Offering both gasoline and hybrid options, every Lemesa, TX buyer can find an SUV that meets their needs in the current Lexus lineup. Not only are we impressed with Lexus' current SUV options, but we are excited to see what the future holds for new Lexus vehicles and the potential for available special offers.

Lexus SUV Incentives

While it is safe to assume that most buyers do not need much enticing to purchase a Lexus SUV, a few special offers thrown into the mix certainly do not hurt anything. In fact, Lexus SUV special offers are specifically tailored to each unique zip code, providing consumers with a wide array of options to choose from. Special offers often include extended lease terms, lower APR levels, and shorter finance periods.

Lexus Sedan Special Offers

Not only do Lexus SUVs boast special offers and incentives, but Lexus sedans are also accompanied by offers that can aid in securing a sale. Lexus sedan models like the IS, GS, LS, and ES are often accompanied by special financing and leasing terms. Yet, cashback offers, and warranty deals also enter the mix for Lexus sedan models. Zero money down and special money down pricing options may also be available in some areas. Interested buyers should contact Alderson Lexus for current specials in their zip code if they are interested in a new Lexus SUV or sedan purchase.