Apple CarPlay is an app that syncs your iPhone to your car's infotainment platform. The interface allows you to make hands-free calls, access media, get directions and Siri suggestions. It is arguably our favorite Apple app among our Alderson Lexus team members. Here are two features that explain why.

By Touch or Voice

You can control CarPlay with your car's in-dash touchscreen, touchpad, buttons or knobs. Even better, since CarPlay includes Siri voice control, you can speak commands to get info you need or want. We love this feature during busy commutes in Lubbock when we absolutely must keep our hands on the steering wheel.

A Step Further With Siri

?Thanks to Apple CarPlay, Siri's voice control feature makes it a cinch to initiate hands-free telephone calls or retrieve voicemail. Siri can also read text messages, create new test messages that you dictate and then send them. Even better, CarPlay plays your received messages through your car's speakers. See Siri in action with a test drive at our dealership today. We can't wait to meet you.


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