Symptoms of a Faulty Car Starter

If you are having trouble getting your vehicle started each day, there could be issues that are going on with your ignition. At Alderson Lexus, we can help with this type of service. We just need you to keep an eye out for the following issues.
  • A whining noise may present itself when you're trying to start your automobile. The sound will typically come from the engine as the ignition refuses to engage properly.
  • If you've ever started your vehicle and then accidentally hit the starter again, then you are familiar with the grinding sound that results from this action. This grinding sound can occur upon trying to start the vehicle. The engine will not turn over.
  • Smoke or a strong odor coming from the engine upon starting is common with a faulty ignition. Bring your vehicle into Alderson Lexus immediately for service in the Lubbock area.


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