Having issues with your brakes? We've all been there! While these occurrences are common, they aren't anything to be taken lightly. Check out our list of signs to watch for that will let you know when it's time to get your brakes inspected:

Strange Sounds- Are you hearing high-pitched screeching or low grinding sounds? Both mean there is impending danger ahead. Contact your local mechanic to schedule an appointment before your brakes give out on you.

Brake Light- Did your brake light come on? Not all vehicles are equipped with one, but if you're blessed enough to have this feature, go ahead and take heed.

Pulling Upon Stopping- Does your car pull to the right or left upon stopping? It may be time to take action. While pulling can be an indicator of your tires not being in alignment, it can also be an indicator of an issue with your brakes. Contact our service center to have an inspection done as soon as you can.

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