Purchase a Dog Friendly Vehicle for Your Beloved Pet at Alderson Lexus

As a dog owner, it is important to understand what type of features create a dog friendly atmosphere in a vehicle and we at Alderson Lexus have just the right tips for you.

When you are in search of a vehicle that is safe for your dog, one of the first features you want to look out for is the child locks. This way, your dog can't step on the button for the window and exit the vehicle once they gain access to the outside and potentially get hit by oncoming traffic. Another feature we believe is important to have for your dog is all-season carpets. These style of carpets will make cleaning up messes and spills a much easier task then scrubbing a rug.

To see exactly what these features are and how they can benefit you and your pet, drive on over to Alderson Lexus and test drive one of our dog friendly vehicles today.


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