We have helpful battery tips for you today from Alderson Lexus. Use them to avoid starting-related inconveniences as you enjoy owning your car in Lubbock, TX.

Your vehicle's battery can lose a charge due to reaching the end of its functional life, but other causes also exist. Sometimes, corrosion around your battery's terminals blocks a charge's conveyance. Also, your charging system's wires or alternator can fail to recharge your battery once your car has experienced significant wear. Before you replace your battery, consider bringing it in for cleaning and testing.

If you need a new battery, you have options. Traditional car batteries use lead-acid technology that originated more than 160 years ago. You can usually count on one of these batteries for a few years. If you plan to own your car for more than five years, seriously consider a lithium battery. You'll gain 1,000 percent of lead-acid batteries' starts. That fact will boost your confidence whenever you enter your vehicle.

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