Vehicle gaskets are made to withstand some extreme circumstances. They have to live in extreme heat produced by the engine, while also not degrading when exposed to the harsh chemicals and fluids that call your vehicle's engine their home.

There is no one size fits all gasket and depending on its intended use it will be made out of different materials. The most common material that gaskets are made out of is multi-layered steel. MLS can compose of as few as two layers or as many as five layers of steel that are compressed together. Another common gasket material is copper due to its long-lasting and durable nature. Rubber is also a great choice due to its elasticity and flexibility while still forming an airtight seal.

If you find that your vehicle is overheating, or you notice that there is oil all over your engine bay, you should call our service center at Alderson Lexus and set up an appointment. Our team in Lubbock, TX is fast and friendly and they will get your vehicle taken care of as soon as possible.

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