Few would dismiss the value of a car's warranty. Auto repair bills come with great expenses. If the vehicle suffers problems with the transmission or the engine and the owner wasn't neglectful, the manufacturer might be at fault. Manufacturer warranties come in different forms. A powertrain warranty is one, and a body-to-body warranty is another.

When dealing with components related to propulsion and power, the powertrain warranty covers things. Transmission and engine parts, for example, fall under powertrain coverage protection. The bumpers, however, would not.

Bumper-to-bumper coverage deals with everything else. The front bumper, the rear bumper, and the parts between the two receive warranty protection. Not every dealer or manufacturer offers bumper-to-bumper warranties. Sometimes, they may deliver this warranty but only for a limited time. Procuring the coverage may require buying from a third-party provider.

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